HR 1668, Not A “Good Thing” For Wild Horses


Wild Horse Education

There are several bills that might look like “good things,” but are not. When you know how things already work, and the people that wield the frame, you can see why certain claims are made. You begin to wonder WHY there is no equity in process.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has multiple frames to accept work product and materials from public, organizations, states and counties. They already have multiple frames to create, in cooperation, that includes people and supplies. Water improvements for wildlife or cows are done with hunting groups and ranchers. We even see donations of seed after fires by livestock groups and those with an interest in hunting. Paperwork (NEPA product) is done by mines and supplied to the agency. If we look at wild horse adoption events, like the ones done at Reno Rodeo, we see that “collaboration” done there as well.


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