Action Alert! BLM Plans Mass Killing

Habitat for Horses Blog

June 27, 2016

The move within the BLM to rid itself of wild horses and burros is gaining strength. Within the 2017 Interior Appropriations Bill, now out of committee, is a little noticed “Stewart Amendment” that allows the BLM to strip away all the protections of the Wild Horse and Burro Act and give the animals to any  “… Federal, State or local government agencies to use as work animals.”

In using the wisdom of our elected leaders, Congress stuck some language in the Amendment that makes it sound like the horses and burros would always be safe, but offers absolutely no punishment for those who violate the rules. Remember Tom Davis? Hundreds of wild horses were “adopted” by him but that ended their lives in Mexican slaughterhouses. His punishment? Not even a slap on the hand. Translated – he got away with murder.

There are a LOT of states…

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